10 Things To Do With Tomatoes

Play Noughts & Crosses
Use tomatoes as noughts and cucumber crosses. We found broad beans worked well as the dividers but tomato canes could work too.

Eat Them
Tomatoes are delicious - just the way they are.

Make Jam
Tomato jam is scrumptious, especially on toast with a slice of mozzarella. We have a great recipe for Spiced Tomato Jam here.

Ease Your Hangover
Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin A and C and beta-carotene. A glass of tomato juice will do wonders the morning after.

Turn Them Into Toadstools
Pop half a cherry tomato on top of a cube of cheese. Dot cream cheese over the top and you have a gorgeous toadstool. These are perfect for serving at children’s party or just as a fun snack.

Whip Up A Pasta Sauce
Tomatoes make delicious sauce. Just fry up some red onion and garlic, add lots of cherry tomatoes, reduce them down, throw in a handful of basil and season. Yum!

Dry Them
Sundried tomatoes are amazing but I’m not sure that we get enough sun here in Yorkshire. You can dry them in the oven though and they are very tasty. Here is how to do it.

Make Soup
There is nothing more comforting then a bowl of hot tomato soup with some crusty bread for dunking.

Give Yourself A Facial
Tomatoes are fabulous for your complexion. Applying mashed tomatoes to your face can help with spots and reduce oily skin.

Drink Them
Tomato Juice is delicious but Bloody Marys are even better!

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