Add a Spring to your step with our Spring Planting Guide

When to plant bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to plant bulbs you want to flower in Spring – daffodils, snow drops, muscari, crocus and hyacinths are all ideal to plant in September. Tulips should be planted slightly later in November.

If you are looking to add colour to take you all the way into Summer, phase your planting. Hardy summer plants like lilies can be planted in October, leave more tender summer bulbs that need a bit of warmth like gladioli until early Spring.
Where to plant bulbs.

Most bulbs, including tulips and daffodils, prefer a warm, sunny site with good drainage as they come from areas with dry summer climates.

And don’t forget bulbs look great in pots too, to add interest to patios and along pathways, if you are planning on planting in containers, drainage is particularly important so add a few crocks to the bottom of the pot.

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