Chinese New Year

Join in the Chinese New Year fun.

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important celebration in China. The festival signal's the beginning of spring and the start of a new year, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. 

Each year an animal represents the new year. This is taken from a long time ago, the Jade Emperor decided that there should be a way to measure time. so he told the animals to complete a race. The first 12 animals would be rewarded by having a year names after them.

2022 is the year of the TIGER and lucky direction for a tiger is NORTH which is exactly where we are in Skipton.

Mr Yau's is joining us on Friday 28th January. 

Their Chinese inspired sauces give you a taste of the exciting places of the east Using natural ingredients packed with delicious flavours. 

Come into store to try out some of their yummy sauces and get inspired ready for Chinese New Year.

Look into the future...Anyone who shops with us on the 1st February will receive a FREE FORTUNE COOKIE, you never know it might come true!

 Need some inspiration? 

Check out our Chinese New Year Recipes here 

Vegetable Spring Rolls

Stir Fry Green Beans


 Happy New Year

新 Xīn  年 nián  快 kuài  乐 lè!

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