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May all your Christmases be green

At Keelham we believe in doing everything we can to help look after our planet from reducing food waste, single use plastic, unnecessary packaging and our carbon footprint.

With Christmas just around the corner and lots of food and gifts to buy, it’s easy for your carbon footprint to creep up thanks to food packaging, leftover waste and gift wrapping. Here are some of the ways that Keelham can help you enjoy a more sustainable Christmas this year.

Our shop itself was designed with sustainability in mind. You can enjoy shopping with us in the knowledge that our farm shop building was renovated, requiring less concrete and resources to build. It has solar panels on the roof, and we re-use the heat produced by the refrigeration to heat our water and building. All our food is sourced as near to the shop as we can find it, providing it tastes good as well. We sell food from more than 400 local farmers and producers; meaning our food will travel much fewer miles to get to us than the food in supermarkets.

Never mind British meat - our butchery is 100% Yorkshire! Did you know that British farmers are leading the way in producing climate-friendly meat and the industry has set a target to become net zero by 2040. Our beef, lamb and pork only travels a short distance to get to the shop; especially the lamb and beef which we buy from the Skipton auction mart just next door. Because our meat is the best quality and travels such a short distance to get to us, you can enjoy our delicious range of Christmas meat guilt-free. We hate food waste and our method of ‘nose to tail butchery’ results in us using every bit of the carcass, including the bones which are free to good homes for dogs or turned into stock in our kitchens.

We make so much of what we sell right here, in the shop, every day for you to buy. It helps us reduce our food waste and means that the food is as fresh as possible for you when you take it home. More than half of the food available in the Keelham Christmas brochure is freshly handmade in the shop right where you buy it from, not in a large factory miles away.

Fresh herbs add that extra something extra special to your cooking - and don’t forget the rosemary and thyme at Christmas! With our herb pick and mix you can buy a couple of sprigs of herbs for a few pence rather than buying a whole plastic bag of herbs which then goes to waste in the fridge.

Bring your own reusable containers to our deli and butchers for us to fill up for you instead of using bags and help us on our mission to eliminate single use plastic.

We can also help you to enjoy waste free Christmas baking. At our grain store you can buy as much or as little as you like of Christmas dry ingredients like nuts and raisins, rather than large plastic bags full which will be out of date by next Christmas.

Pick your seasonal veg from our 90% plastic free fruit and veg. We have stopped buying in fruit and veg produce that is ready packed in plastic - apart from where it would mean that the produce will waste quicker - and instead buy it loose and put it into recyclable punnets. Don’t forget to bring them back so that we can reuse them in the shop.

For just £10, our plastic free Christmas veg boxes have all the veg you need to make the perfect Christmas dinner with more to spare. Click here to pre-order one to collect in time for Christmas.

Christmas shopping can be thirsty work. Fill up your own water bottles at our free Yorkshire water refill station or bring in your own takeaway cup and save money when you buy drinks from our coffee and juice bar.

Instead of doggy bags, we have people bags in our Keelham Kitchen; we would much rather you take the food home and eat it than wasting it. You may need one when you book in for our Keelham Yuletide Feast as, like Christmas Day, there tends to be a few leftovers to take home. Click here for more information on our mouth-watering Yorkshire Yuletide Feast.

To wrap up your Christmas leftovers at home, you can use our new range of beeswax wraps instead of clingfilm. Any leftover food from the shop which can’t be used for anything else gets turned into biomass for electricity rather than rotting in land fill.

If you’re thinking of sprinkling your home with a bit of Christmas cheer, we have gorgeous wreaths available made from natural materials with no plastic bling. If you fancy adding your own touch, go foraging and add pinecones, feathers, natural raffia and berries. After Christmas, take off the foliage and compost in your garden.

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