Protect Our Precious Bees

Today is Don’t Step on a Bee Day. Many people find bees scary and are worried about being stung. Bees will only sting as a last resort as when they sting they die. So don’t be scared and please don’t step on them.

Bee numbers in some countries have halved in the last decade and the U.K. has lost 13 species of bee since 1900 and 3 more are under threat.

Bees are vital to food production. Bee Movie taught us that if there were no bees there would be no flowers but there would also be no fruit or vegetables. Each year, a colony pollinates 4,000m2 fruit trees and gives us 14kg of honey. It’s estimated that 1/3 of our food is pollination dependent.

We need to work together to protect our little friends and there are many ways that we can help.

Build a Bee Hotel
This will give the bees somewhere to rest when they are on their vital pollen missions.

Plant Flowers 
Plant flowers and herbs that are rich in nectar, such as lavender and rosemary.

Buy Local
Choosing local honey helps to support honey bees and bee keepers. Most of the honey sold in the U.K is imported but with so many bee keepers on our doorstep this shouldn’t be the case.

Most Importantly of all…
Don’t step on a bee!

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