Summer Of Fun

There is a big campaign running this year. It is called Veg Power and it is all about getting children to eat more vegetables. This will be the focus of our Summer of Fun. Veg is tasty and it can be fun, so our mission is to encourage children and their parents to have fun and enjoy vegetables. We will also be recycling where we can as this is very important to us. We love food but we hate waste.

Monday 23rd – Sunday 29th July - Eat More Veg Hunt.

Children will work their way through a form and go around the fruit and veg area, solving riddles and tasting veg. We also have some helpful hints on how to get children to eat more veg and some recipes for the adults. When they have completed the form they will get a prize and they can also complete an activity in the Animal Croft and the Events Barn.

Monday 30th July - Sunday 5th August - Veg Painting

Using carrot paint brushes, corn rollers, celery stamps and much more, children can create a masterpiece. See, we told you that veg was fun. They can then share their creations on our Facebook page and our favourite will win a veg growing kit.

Monday 6th - Sunday 12th August - Egg Carton Fruit & Veg

Using egg cartons, pipe cleaners, foam shapes and more; children can create egg box fruit and veg. Who knew that you could make a pumpkin out of an egg box?

Monday 13th - Sunday 19th August - Fruit & Veg Hats

This week children can choose to make a hat that looks like a strawberry, an apple, an orange, a watermelon, a tomato or a carrot. Fashion that’s fruity & fun.

Monday 20th - Sunday 26th August - Newspaper Baskets

Reducing our use of plastic is so important! Children can make a newspaper basket to transport their treasures. When they have finished they can pop a handful of pea pods in their basket. They are a tasty, healthy snack. This activity is great for older kids and younger children will love making a basket with adult support.

Monday 27th August - Sunday 2nd - Veg Super Heroes

Vegetables are so super that they should have a cape! This week we will be using felt, wobbly eyes and lots more to turn vegetables into superheroes.

Each activity will run Monday - Sunday, 10am until close. Parental supervision is required.

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