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Thanks For Bearing With Us

Food To Ewe

We want to thank all our customers for supporting us, by being patient and understanding, as we get our home delivery service up and running.

As some of you will know, we set this service up, practically overnight, with the aim of getting groceries to our customers, many of whom aren’t able to get to us at this time, due to self-isolation and health issues.

As such we’ve experienced one or two (dozen) teething problems!

Our Keelham team is somewhat reduced too, due to self-isolating and health worries, so we’ve had less people than usual, as we start to bring Keelham to your door.

We’re working really hard every day and night to get things right and ensure we are making improvements for you.

We want you to know we are getting there through a lot of hard work from our team and so you should see improvement in the coming days but please excuse us if we can’t get you everything you want.

Keep safe and well!

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