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Hesper Farm sampling Skyr yogurt

Hesper Farm sampling Skyr yogurt

Have you tried Skyr yet? It's so good for you it should be a considered a superfood!

Its a bit like yogurt, only naturally fat-free, containing next to no sugar and naturally full of goodness. Skyr style yogurt originated in Iceland. Sam runs a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. Not one to rest on his laurels, or ride on the strong reputation of the family farm, Sam set about taking dairy in a different direction with Hesper Farm Skyr.

Skyr is made by incubating skimmed milk with live active cultures. The water contained in the milk the whey is then strained away. Per pot, we use about four times as much milk as an equivalent pot of traditional plain yogurt meaning its incredibly thick and beautifully creamy. Each pot of our skyr is a powerhouse, packing punch after punch of goodness. Per equivalent pot of typical plain yogurt, theres about three times as much protein in skyr and three times more calcium.

Come and try Sam's Skyr in Skipton on Saturday from 9am - 12noon and Thornton on Sunday 31st 10am - 3pm