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Seduction Supper

Seduction Supper

We have created a special meal deal which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Choose any 2 mains, sides and desserts for £10.

Choose from:

Rump Steak; Chicken Kiev; Pork Roulade; Louisiana Chicken; Chicken Stuffed With Pesto & Mozarella or Roast Veg & Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms.

Handcut Chips; Potato Wedges; Dauphinoise Potatoes; Carrots, Parsnip & Turnip; Creamy Garlic Potatoes; Cauliflower Cheese; Red Cabbage & Beetroot; Potato Rosti; Rosemary & Garlic Baby Potatoes; Garlic Potato & Root Vegetable Medley; Seeet Potato & Thyme Autumn Vegetable Medley; Mushroom, Tomato & Red Onion; Baby Carrots, Fine Beans, Broccoli & Caulifower.

Stucky Toffee Pudding; Red Velvet Cake; Billionare’s Shortbread Dessert; Textures Of Chocolate Dessert; Passion Fruit Cheesecake; Raspberry & Vanilla Cheesecake.

There is no need to choose the same as your loved one. Opposites attract after all.